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the bomb squad called in to a local elementary school. after an explosive device is found on campus. and the search for suspects after two people are found bound. gagged. and lifeless. francisco street. i'm pam moore. we'll see you at eight. tonight at eight. >> i was a little bit
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frightened. >> >> >> the bomb squad sent in. an explosive device found at it had been lit but did not go off. planted with what we believe was an intent to do damage to the school >> students, not the only ones who are scared there are a lot of crazy people out there. tonight at eight. police are trying to figure out. who placed that explosive device there and why. and whether today's incident is tied to another pipe bomb case over the were arrested in that case. tonight. kron-4's j-r stone is live at pleasant hill elementary school where students and staff were given quite a scare today. they're continuing to investigate. the last time that this was possibly was when these shrubs for transgendered on school grounds >> also, j. r. stone a
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limited to the fact that there were weekend pipe bombs. this was at a christie's court this weekend. shortly after, there were able to make an arrester on teenage suspects. there were in this red s u v. it was parked at this college park high school just a few blocks from the scene of the explosion. inside of the s u v, they found another explosive device that had not been set off towara and the one today was just a few miles south. but right near pleasant hill elementary school. it was near oak creek park this did not go off it was found however and thankfully did not go off. they are still trying to figure out if these were related. bomb had been found outside believed to be
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explosive the walnut creek bomb squad, back field and a explosives but found nothing here's the location on friday night where the explosion happened - couple blocks from the here's pleasant hill bay area nursing student. is on her way to state prison. giselle esteban was sentenced today for the court today. when the judge observations about thethe fact is. it was really cold blooded and premeditated, that is what the judge had to say here at the alameda county superior sentencing hearing of gisselle esteban for murder of michelle leon monday esteban was sentenced to 25-years-to-life without parole for murder in the first nursing studentwhose decomposed body was found in a remote area near the
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sunol 17, 2011four months after she was first reported program in haywardduring closing arguments the prosecution described whose hatred turned to ragebefore stalking and then ultimately killing lebecause she thought the nursing student was sleeping with the father of esteban's childand even though there were no witnesses to what happened to le. judge jon rolefson appeared to agree with the prosecutors argument. as he stated to the court "never have i seen a showed no hint of remorse"words that resonated with le's sister >> "when he said that, he made a really good observationmade us feel we always felt that she felt no remorse. it was good that he pointed that out understood" >> kron4news >>pam: police in pinole are looking for two men who robbed another man at gunpoint in a wendy's parking lot. investigators say, the robbers posed as buyers from "craigslist". grant lodes has the details.
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>> this one happened last night in pinole. around 9:30. the craigslist buyers met the suspects in the wendy's parking lot here on fitzgerald drive just off interstate 80 and app-ian way in pinole. one of the two victims got into the suspects car.and the suspects pulled out a rifle.demanding cash. the victim was able to get out of the car and both victims escaped without injury. police say incidents like these are infrequent when you consider the high number of craigslist transactions. but as kron four's dan kerman tells is, there are still plenty of things you can do to protect yourself. >> there is no full proof way to protect yourself. but there are a few things you can do to help in this instance experts tell me the victim in did a few things right but two major things wrong what did he do right? first he agreed to meet at a public place that was smart second he brought along a friend both good ideas but here's where he went wrong he met at night time. experts say always meet during the day secondly, the victim got into a strangers car to look atexpertsy never get in a car or go in a strangers home
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inspector marty dito with >> you want to do that in an area where there are a lot of people. perhaps right near the entrance where people are coming in and coming out so there's no chance of being alone. you do not also want to follow them someplace. if they call you and say you and dave perha a c--change the place of for your meat. or meat behind the back, do not do that and change the place -- to meet. >> the sf-pd's financial crimes unit says meeting in front of a bank is another good idea often times there's even a surveillance camera there. and one last tip if the price is so cheap that it sounds too good to be true. it probably is. and that is another red flag dan kerman kron 4 news. >>pam: tonight, san francisco police are investigating a bizarre murder case. a man and woman were found bound and gagged. in the middle of a residential neighborhood. the man is dead. the woman.
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is fighting for her life. kron 4's justine waldman has more. >> this crime is puzzling >> this was acquired portola and ebert both victims went to the family and later died. -the man died, and the woman is still fighting for her life. this was a quiet portola neighborhood. and why were these victims left brutally alone on the street? >> they are looking for any surveillance video to see if there were any witnesses >> the witnesses are shocked by the violence. >> i do not even want to
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leave my house alone. >> police are encouraging anybody with information with this crime to come forward. and the san francisco, justin waldman, kron 4 news. >> the south san francisco police department is launching an effort to crack down on repeat d-u-i offenders. kron 4's charles clifford the detailsnormally, if someone was arrested for driving under the influence here in south san francisco, it was very hard for officers to find out if that driver may have committed the same offense somewhere else. >> i wouldn't know if someone had a dui arrest from a different community outside of my jurasdiction. >> but for the past few months and continuing through all of 2013, south san francisco police will be coordinating with the california dmv to watch for repeat offenders. the dmv manages a master list of statewide dui arrests and then shares it >> so this gives me the list of any dui arrest or suspension anywhere in the state of california. >> over the past three
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years, there have been more than 65 dui collisions in south san francisco. 87 people have been injured and one person has died. the police department says that catching repeat offenders is a big step in preventing future tragedies. >> the people who are repeat offenders, who have multiple suspensions, are some of the worst of the worst and we are going to target them to make sure they don't get on the road and drive. >> now this enforcement effort is actually just a pilot project that will wrap up at the end of next year. after that the department will have to decide if they want to keep doing it. also, the department will be conducting a dui checkpoint this weekend at an undisclosed location as part of this ongoing effort. in south san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 >> after 144 years. the university of california has a new logo. the original logo was designed in 1868, and is enscribed with the words 'let there be light'.
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university officials say, the new seal is more simple and contemporary. it will appear on the schools marketing materials and websites. but not everyone is happy >> the crest looks just a bit off >> the blue is just a bit ordinary. >>pam: there is an online petition with roughly 40- thousand signatures. there is also a facebook page. dedicated to getting rid of the new logo. with more than five -thousand >>jacqueline: we had a very nice and they all around the bay with fog. and the delta
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gave weight to sunny skies and warmer temperatures. the same in hayward, that gave way..... to sunny skies with the 60s. as we take a live look outside at the satellite and radar clear skies but that storm is starting to slide to the south. we can see that it is moving towards the northern california. there is rain in store by wednesday morning. wednesday night, the north bay and delta will stay clear. temperatures will be chilly. as we go for the increasing clouds as we see the rain approaching for tomorrow night to. if timing it out >>pam: ahead at eight. protestors crowd san francisco city hall. demanding congress take action the looming fiscal cliff. >> holiday shipping kicking into high gear. the important dates you need to know. to make sure your gifts arrive on time. and the controversy
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surrounding the lunch program at school district in the north bay.
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>>pam: president barack obama says, he quote - "won't compromise" on his demands that the wealthiest americans pay more in taxes. that, as the fiscal cliff is three weeks away. today, the president made the case for his proposal. to workers at a detroit auto plant. meanwhile, republicans are standing by a proposal that does not include an increase in rates. if no deal is reached, the nation could see a major increase in taxes, and severe spending cuts. meantime, dozens of move-on dot org and pro- union protestors. gathered outside san francisco city hall today, demanding that congress oppose cuts to medicare, medicaid and social security. and as kron 4's reggie kumar tells us. they say they are fed up with the fiscal cliff negotiations and want lawmakers to get their act together. close. in its history. to keep in mind:
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about 100 protesters held candles that a set of no more tax cuts for the rich and do not cut our benefits. they're asking congress to do the right thing by raising taxes on the top 2 percent. >> we need more revenue and david a. wonderful break for the last 10 years. now we it is time to share the sacrifice that the working people have been doing for all this time it. social security, medicare these are earned benefits, rights they should be a sacred trust. they should not be part of these negotiations right now. we should not be negotiation or compromise in people's futures this is time to step up for the 99%. it will ultimately be the best for the economy. >> people worry that a social security is cut it will not be able to make ends meet. >> without a social security
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i would be out on the street! >> reggie kumar, kron 4. >> the window to ship your guess so they arrive on time is beginning to close. shipping companies are getting bombarded, federal express is going to handle thousands of parcels is the busiest day. scott rates shows how busy it got. as the trucks moving and, the unloading begins. the labels, the conveyor belt. and it is one of the busiest shipping day looks like at this distribution center in the south san francisco. >> 10% increase year over year. >> since it is the manager he and his crew are making sure that everything that moves three-year is delivered on time. >> to give you an idea.
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authorities are expected to move 25,000 packages today. >> we have several people to help, nationwide, there are expected to ship 19 million and moved to hundred 80 million between the thanksgiving and christmas. 280 million-- >> you guys knew that this was ready? and yes, we hired additional people we had plans for all of this. >> if you've not sent out your gibbs yet? there is still time, to not fret. if you've not sent out your presence. december 22nd would insure that it makes it in time for christmas if you use express. >> i think that the economy is going better than it was last year >> and here are some of your deadline. remember, tomorrow, december 11th is the deadline for shipping
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international express mail. friday. december 14 - parcel post - this is the most economical way to ship packages through the postal service. decebmer monday. u-p-s and fex- ex ground shipping. december the deadline for overnight shipping. next at 8-30. >>jacqueline: it is already getting chilly out there right now. 40's in santa rosa, 45 in vallejo. 49 in concord with reduced visibility. as that fog is set to impact the bay area. however, the rainfall on tuesday night with clouds increasing tomorrow. a blast of arctic air. it temperatures dropping in the 50s by wednesday afternoon. these temperatures will see even 30's. the satellite and
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radar out a side with clear skies and in most of california. the high clouds will approach as it pushes to the south with a high- pressure breaking down. it will make its way into the bay area with rainfall and the cold air. the look at futurecast by 10:00 p.m. is when the rainfall will begin in the north bay. pressing to the south. and it will be massipressing with lingering showers. and early wednesday morning, the rain could start to taper off. clear skies and a drop into the 30's and '40's and most locations. 39 degrees in concord. 43 in the san jose and for the afternoon several degrees cooler. 50s and 60s. and in san francisco, 59 degrees in hayward a look at your extended forecast with clear
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skies but the increasing clouds as the rain fall approaches. wednesday morning very cold. a thursday, friday but it will stay dry. the chances of showers returning for the weekend. stay with us. we will be back. [ male announcer ] december is customer appreciation month at subway restaurants.
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saying thanks is a great deal because we're offering $2 six inch subs -- the cold cut combo or meatball marinara. $2 each, all december long. appreciation tastes amazing! hurry in for your $2 sub. subway. eat fresh.
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warned that apple maps is showing a terrible error in
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australia, showing a 40 mi. to fourth presidio. it takes the person into the middle of a national park. this for a mile--error from a major city. there's no water, or resources where it directs to. and the center of practically nowhere. >> also, the rival between the twitter, andinstagram. continues to escalate with the new work times showing that this could be because it twitter is going to continue to take on instagram. directly. >> best buy is offering a
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$50 off item for the new iphone 5. if that is with a two-year contract. >> also, amazon is offea $250 fr new kindle
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school,
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or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >>pam: friends pay tribute to a concord man. hit and
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killed by an s-u-v while riding his skateboard. and the controversy surrounding the lunch program at a school district in the north bay. >>jacqueline: taking a look at the fog that is forming in the north. with changes on the way. your full forecast, coming up.
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>>pam: now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. the bomb squad dismantles a pipe bomb that was found in the bushes outside an elementary school in pleasant hill. no one was hurt and school was not in session when the device was found early this afternoon. police are trying to figure out who put the device there. and wether it is tied to two similar incidents involving pipe bombs over the weekend. >> san francisco police are investigating a bizarre discovery in the portola valley. where the bodies of
8:32 pm
a man and a woman were apparently dumped in the middle of a street last night. the man died. the woman is fighting for her life. police have not released any suspect descriptions. >> the woman convicted of killing a nursing student will likely be spending the rest of her life in prision. giselle esteban was sentenced today to 25-years to life behind bars for the first degree murder of michele le in may 2011. before the handing the sentence down.the judge said he have never seen a case with stronger evidence of premeditation. >> the investigation continues into a gang- related stabbing near the popular 'christmas in the park' event in downtown san jose. police now say, the stabbing of a 14-year-old boy saturday, occurred in a walkway behind the nearby tech museum. and that the victim sought help at a carnival across the street from 'christmas in the park'. police insist the stabbing is an isolated incident. a spokesman says, the security detail assigned to the park
8:33 pm
may expand patrol efforts, but there are currently no plans to add extra officers. the 14-year-old victim suffered non- life threatening injuries. his at large. >> the officers that are already out there patrol to the periphery of this public event. we have a four, six officers and even more our rwe do not believe that this public event is the issue are people hanging around are along the periphery causing issues? those are the arrest of we are going to be focusing on. >> the 14 year-old suffer not life-threatening
8:34 pm
injuries the suspects are still at large. >> we're learning more tonight -- about a mother and young child. killed in a head-on crash with a big rig. margarita velasquez, from baypoint, was driving with her six-year-old son dejohn, when she lost control of her car ---- and veered into oncoming traffic. this was the scene on bryon highway friday. no word yet whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash, but police say, weather is not considered a factor. >>pam: in other bay area news. an investigation is underway into the traffic accident that took the life of a 21 -year old concord man. police say scott hickerson, was skateboarding in the intersection across monument blvd, when he was hit by an s-u-v. trying to determine who had the green light, but at least one witness tells kron4. the driver ran the red light. kron 4's maureen kelly has more from concord. >> i'm standing on the corner of monument blvd and erickson can see behind me the memorial of flowers and signs and photos of the young man that
8:35 pm
marks the spot near where he was struck. people have left notes that read you will not be forgotten and skate in heaven.referring to the victim's love of skateboarding. here you can see a card that's been taped here .inside a friend wrote "you were the most kind hearted innocent guys i ever met and i am glad i was able to have known you and call you a friend of mine. scott's family and friends were too emotional to go on camera but they say the diablo valley college student was a remarkable young man who was loved by young and old. a candlelight vigil is being planned for friday. maureen kelly kron4 news. umph >> a controversy is unfolding at a north bay school district. concerning the school meal program. in a recent letter, the state department of education ordered the kentfield school district. to fire the volunteer group which oversees the operation. but as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the school district is fighting back. stating without the volunteers, there would be no food for anyone.
8:36 pm
>> here baich elmentary school and kentfield middle school in marin county, the school meal program is under attack. not for what is on the plate but for who is dishing it out. parent teacher volunteers handle the program, in fact they have been doing so for nearly 3 decades. that is until the state got wind of the situation and is stepping in telling the district in a letter to stop the collaboration immediatley.claiming that only the district can oversee meal service per state law. however, there is one big problem with that. the school doesn't have the >> if the pta did not run eighth brun launch program. we t receive any state or federal funds so if they did not run the lunch program there would be no food. cafteria proglram. this is we don't receive state or federal dollars. without the pta there would be nothing. >> people felt that the food was boring and so the pta
8:37 pm
created a committee and revamped our entire lunch. >> is really good and i love the chicken tenders. >> it is atrocious, healthy. >> the pta president is saying that they use this as a fund-raiser. >> they think that all of this money is pool with other fund raising monies and we support our school with library books, computers. >> the district sent back to the state of letting out its current program into will be discussed at tuesday's board meeting. as far as the state they have no comment that it is a pending matter. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> this happened so quick. we are in shock. we are doing all we can. >> oh my gosh! are you ok?
8:38 pm
>> this was the scene after a severe winter storm through birmingham, alabama this television interview, this man was talking about what happened to his home when the ceiling came crashing down. it is believed that water on the roof caused the ceiling to collapse. fortunately, no one was hurt. >>jacqueline: it was a nice day around the bay area today with even 70's. oakland, hayward, both of those places at 71. we did see 60s through santa rosa, and temperatures are cooling off in a hurry tonight. we have clear skies overhead and we will see a lot of 30's and 40's. 46 in santa rosa. 49 in concord and still 50s for the bayshore. we're also going to see fog in the north bay and delta of. it is already forming
8:39 pm
and the delta with chilly temperatures expected tomorrow. , increase with clouds with a storm approaching tomorrow night. timing it out on futurecast por >> coming up, we will go over to millbrae. we're you can take your life in your own hands in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> the bay area's favorite way to ring in the near is always on kron 4. the biggest party and hosted by catherine heenan and sports director, gary radnich. this year promises to be better than ever. the new year's life. life 11:30 live
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>> stocks start the week with modest gains. thanks in part to a strong november sales report from fast-food giant mc-donalds. on wall street. the dow rose about 15-points to close near 13-thousand- 170. nasdaq went up nine-points to close just shy of 3- thousand. and the s-and-p-500 gained a point. if you like to turn holiday shopping into a last-minute cater to you the department store chain for non-stop shopping the stores will open at seven a- and will stay open until marathon will end that morning, but macy's says until midnight. past years. but this is the first time all 800 macy's nationwide will participate. retailers are hiring a that's according job data from the bureau of labor statistics show
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the firm says seasonal hiring could reach 760-that would be strongestsince 2000. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets,
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people think only pedestrian safety juana actuall think they did today arpedestrian she was the only one that stopped for this woman trying to cross busy el camino real in millbre to have pedestrian safety you first have to have safe drivers, this driver is direction on a one way street and while going the worn way fails to yield to the tree pedestrians already in the crosswalk >> don't make him nervous then proceeds to make a u- turn causing him to be on
8:46 pm
the wrong side of the street then finally backing up to go back dow the street he was orginally on welcome to millbrae, el camino real to be exact where all bets are off if you are a pedestrian umm my girlfriend this one time was crossing the crosswalk and she almost got raned over and the one time it was probably like three times in one week this woman is tring to cross elcamino real absoluly not one driver stopped and i talking about dozens of drivers it go so bad they i actyally hac to walk out into traffic with camera rolling sho she could cross safely to >> nats: come on thank you, >> you're welcome >> these people had tho wait for get this i sped the video up 30 drivers to pass before one driver followed state law and yielded these two men had to want as well but watch what happens while they are in the middle of the street you know there is often time for education but sometimes there is a need for enforcement i think the time is now i think they should start writing some tickets out
8:47 pm
here in millbrea stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >>jacqueline: we can see some changes as we go towards tomorrow. the rain fall back into the forecast but not until tomorrow night. with 10:00 a.m. in the north bay and the rest will be wednesday morning with some very cold arctic air. only in the 50s on wednesday afternoon toward overnight thursday very cold. temperatures on tap just in the 30's. we do have those clear skies and the high-pressure is bringing us more with stormtracker 4. it is starting to sag to the south and making its way to us tomorrow night. here is a look at futurecast. the
8:48 pm
clouds will be increasing and the rain will be rolling in. a moderate rainfall associated. by midnight, it will be south of the golden gate and south of the golden gate by 2:00 p.m. and a lingering in the morning by wednesday afternoon could be dry. tomorrow we will see cold locations. 37 degrees in santa rosa. and 37 in livermore. temperatures will be five, 10 degrees cooler than what we saw today. 60s and the san jose a look at your extended forecast. we will started the day with clear skies and as the rain approaches. thursday, friday, it it will be very chilly as that cool air settles in. for the weekend, the rainfall returns.
8:49 pm
>> good evening, everybody the patriots are warmed up. with the forty-niners and most impressive, brady facing the texans. perhaps the most surprising teams. the touchdown from a 40 49er, brandon lloyd, 21-35, 2 ordered 96 yds. here he goes to dante just resigned, a 28-nothing, the woodland when on a 28-14. that is a 10 year period. where the patriots have improved that 10-3. you talk about a big showdown, the 49ers are going to play on the sunday night. and a week from sunday they just changed to the schedule, the 49ers in seattle. the next two games
8:50 pm
on the san francisco are going to be terrific. last year, he was a super bowl championship and now he is only a veteran brandon and jacobs has been let go by san francisco. and here he goes today on instagram.."i am on this team rotting awaythis is by far the worst year i ever had." - wrote jacobs who has been inactive this year you can see the rest of it. thatinstagram follower chimes in: "haha you hate playing for the niners huh?" jacobs responds: "yes i do, and for good reason." pretty strong words for a guy making $1.6 million this year on a team that could land him a second super bowl ring. the new york giants he has been suspended and it would cost them $300,000. and
8:51 pm
harbaugh does not want to comment even have been the worst of. itjacobs also posted photos not surprisingly jacobs has been suspended for the final three games - without pay - meaning his little social $300,000. anything to add coach harbaugh? >> no, and, no comment. >> and jackie are you shocked? >> and ibm also shocked. my mother-is celebrating her 93rd birthday. she will not be seeing kron because she is still at her party. >> that is great. that she can still see your and my brother-in-law picked up the check. and you know that he must have had too much to drink [laughter] >> and they think that pop- up but my brother. just jumping right and. and i am
8:52 pm
so happy for my mother. but that was terrific. >> 3 linebacker, rolando was suspended for contract detrimental to the team when he got into the young coach's face. maclaine does not have to turn to the team until the beaches with coach dennis allen who was in texas. and chilly-meets with the coach. that the coach was-meeting will take place after the coach returns from texas. the coach has recently lost his father. herron mcfadden daring-karsron...but no - mike macintyre is leaving the spartans to take over at colorado and coach in the pac-12. macintyre transformed a 1-12 team when he took over three
8:53 pm
years ago, into a 10 game winner and a top 25 ranking this year many felt cal would go after macintyre - but they went with sonny dykes instead now macintyre will be coaching against cal on a regular bases in trying to turn around another hapless program - colorado is in the middle of 7 straight losing seasons - and has 20 losses the last two years. no word on whether macintyre will remain at san jose state the next two weeks to coach in their bowl game december 27 against bowling green. he might want to get colorado's ready. and what a road trip for the warriors. 1 a homecoming for steph curry - greeted by his dad dell who is an announcer for the bobcats 2 1st quarter.curry - steals the ball and then the show-and-tell reverse layup curry gave away 73 tickets to the game - and put on a show for all of them tonight. 3 later in the quartercurry finds david lee for the dunk lee: 25 points, 11 rebs, 4 assists 4 2nd quarter.klay thompson
8:54 pm
- the perfect touch on the full court pass to lee for the layup.warriors up 19 5 3rd quarter.more of the same curry the sweet deke to free himself up for the 3-pointer curry: 27 points, 7 assists, 7 rebs 6 everything going right for the warriors - check out the gift for jarret jack to end the quarter warriors hang on to win 104 to 96 w's win their 4th straight on the road & 7th of last 8 overalland are just 2 game out of first place in the pacific donkey cheese.... and the number one tennis player in the world are teamed up.
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>> novak djokovic has bought the world's entire supply of yesdonkey cheese ladies and gentleman. why you ask? donkey cheese - also known as pule - is considered a delicacy and very rare and is actually the world's most expensive cheese at between $500 and $1000 per pound it is made at a farm in djokovic's home town in serbiaand djokovic is spending millions to buy all of it - says he will use it in a chain of restaurants he plans to open. we will see you at 11:00 p.m.
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